Get Ready For Google Signals and Cross Device Reporting

Throughout 2018, Google has been releasing all sorts of new and enhanced features inside Analytics and one of the most recent promises to be one of the most exciting: cross device tracking and reporting. Here’s Google’s description: Cross Device reporting in Analytics takes into account people who visit your website multiple times from different devices. Now, instead of seeing metrics in Analytics that show two separate sessions (e.g., one on desktop and the other on mobile), you’ll be able to see when users visited your website from two different devices. By understanding … Read more

16 Is The Font Size Of Wisdom (For Web Design At Least)

The assertion that arts and cultural audiences are getting older and dying out probably reached trope status decades before the word trope entered popular usage. While this may be true and require programming and market positioning that will appeal to younger audiences, there are some very practical experiential considerations for serving older audiences to keep in mind.  One of them is web design. Entrepreneur magazine had a guest post by Brian Greenberg discussing some small design changes that make websites more easily used by those over 50.  As you might imagine, readability … Read more

Persuasion (Conversion) Made Easy

There’s a terrific article from Lyndon Cerejo in the 7/17/2018 edition of Smashing Magazine that examines a very keep it simple approach to persuading website visitors to conversion. Cerejo reviews what he calls the stages of a persuasion funnel: attention, interest, desire, and action …along with how each stage is influenced by: cognitive (thinking), and affective (feeling). All those combinations of elements influence what he calls persuasive design and the related sages site visitors experience (emphasis added): Awareness Relevant Credible Usable Desirable Persuasive Action I’ve highlighted “Credible” because this is one area … Read more

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