Lean Arts Org Canvas

Assessing Programs with the Lean Arts Canvas

I went to a luncheon a few weeks ago on an “Innovation District” that Chattanooga is creating. In that luncheon, the words “Start-Up Entrepreneur” were said no less than 15 times; seriously, I stopped tallying after the 15th.  When the buzzword about town is not “art” or “symphony”, it’s easy to dismiss the other and get peeved that seemingly no one is paying attention to the work you’re doing. But, in an April, 2015 post from American’s for the Arts ARTSblog, Floyd Hall, the Interactive Media Manager for Atlanta’s WonderRoot, Floyd steals … Read more

Reversing Trickle Down Community Engagement

One of my favorite nonprofit blogs, NonProfit with Balls by Vu Le, published a post on 1/20/2015 about the theory of trickle down community engagement.  The Chattanooga Symphony & Opera is in the midst of an education and community engagment planning process, so I was pumped to read this article. Le defines the trickle down theory as: Trickle-Down Community Engagement (TDCE). This is when we bypass the people who are most affected by issues, engage and fund larger organizations to tackle these issues, and hope that miraculously the people most affected will help … Read more

What Department Gets Assigned Community Engagement?

Who Is In Charge of Engagement? Someone comes up to you and says they really enjoyed the program they attended and want to spread the word to their friends and get them involved, to whom do you refer them? Is there someone who will offer to collect the contact info of the person and their friends and perhaps follow up with them later to see if they need more information? In short, who is your community engagement person? If you are at a loss to answer that, it may be because for … Read more