The Modern Day Mission Statement, Active and On The Go

BoardSource is partnering with organizations like the Knight Foundation and National Council of Non Profits on a  initiative to get non-profits to Stand For Your Mission. While the main thrust of the effort appears to be focused on mobilizing non-profits of all types to more actively  advocate for their causes, by necessity it pushes boards to actively engage with their missions rather than treat it as a passive statement of aspirations. In effect, it drives organizations to practice good governance. If nothing else, it may be a worthwhile endeavor just to have … Read more

Orchestra & Opera Workplace Satisfaction: Spring 2018

At the end of 2016, we published a pair of articles that surveyed arts managers about how and why they changed jobs. Since then, I’ve been tracking workplace satisfaction levels at orchestras and operas by way of reviews. The Spring 2018 update was published at my orchestra management blog but I wanted to see if any ArtsHacker readers would be interested in compiling similar data for other arts sectors (theater, dance, performing arts centers, etc.). Let’s Crowdsource This Thing To that end, there are two primary areas where we could use … Read more


Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew About Writing an RFP (Plus the Stuff They Want to Keep Secret)

Two of ArtsHacker’s own are at the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference today running a session designed to help nonprofit admins get their RFP on. If you’re attending the conference, here are the pertinents: Session:Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew about Writing an RFP (Plus the Stuff They Want to Keep Secret) Date & Time:April 11, 2018 @ 3:30 PM Room:354 Session Hashtag:#18NTCrfp Website Listing: Session Description: Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough confidence to know if the proposal you get from tech providers is a meaningful bid or just a bunch … Read more

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