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Software That Helps Nonprofits Screen Volunteers

Here is a must-read article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about new software built just for nonprofit organizations. Application Verification, a 6-year-old East Pittsburgh technology business, has built employee screening systems for 300 organizations ranging from Westinghouse Electric to oil and gas firms that hired thousands of workers during the shale drilling boom. So it didn’t surprise David Reed, chief operating officer, when a group of local nonprofits in 2014 sought its help in developing an efficient ...

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Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Volunteer?

One of the best hats that I get to wear is that of “Volunteer Coordinator.” My organization works with about 60 different volunteers during our concert season, another 100 who volunteer for our annual special event fundraiser, and another 30 who volunteer to serve year-round on our board of directors. ArtsHacker authors have published several great posts that deal with a variety of volunteer issues. But an article that came across my newsfeed recently, made me ...

You Can See I Would Be Totally Justified

You Might Get Hurt: Volunteer Waivers

I have often told my siblings that if they committed action I found offensive, there would be consequences. When I was forced to make good on my threats and they went crying to our parents, sometimes I would be vindicated, sometimes I would get punished. The same sort of situation exists in regard to volunteers and waivers/releases you have them sign. (Except presumably you aren’t threatening to beat up your volunteers.) According to lawyer Ellis ...

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