Mastering The Art Of Screencaps

Mastering The Art Of Screencaps

How many times have you endured the frustration of exchanging half a dozen email messages when one would have sufficed due to a lack of visual frame of reference for something like a specific element within a website or a piece of print material still in the design stages? Fortunately, one of the most useful skills you can develop to cut through the frustration and get the feedback you need is learning to master the art of the screencap (also known as a screenshot). Default Device Captures Most operating systems (OS) and/or … Read more

Punctuation Guide

Learn To Communicate Clearly With These Punctuation & Grammar Guides

In an age of twitter lingo, texting, and autospell it can become all too easy to let your grammar and punctuation chops get rusty; fortunately, we have a few guides you can keep handy that will help you stay sharp. The Punctuation Guide This enormously useful guide (h/t is stupid simple to use, all you need to do is click on a punctuation mark and learn all about it alongside a quick list of example uses. Bonus content includes a list of Top 10 Punctuation Tips and resources for heavy-duty style … Read more

This Handy Living Wage Calculator Drills Down To City Level Data

If you work in the field of arts administration, you’ve probably figured out that it isn’t exactly the ideal career if your primary goal in life is to secure a position at the top of the economic food chain. Having said that, and regardless of your position in the field, it’s still good to keep tabs on up to date wage data and the MIT Living Wage Calculator created by Amy Glasmeier, a professor of economic geography and regional planning at MIT, is a handy resource in that effort. Although the data … Read more

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