Are You Looking At My Heatmap?

If you’ve ever seen me speak at a conference or attended one of my webinars, you know I love to use heatmaps to illustrate how people interact with websites and emails. Smashing Magazine recently published a great little article on using heatmaps to track activity on your WordPress website. Unlike Google Analytics, which works with numbers and statistics, the heatmaps show you the exact spots that receive the most engagement on a given page. Through heatmaps, you will know what are the most clicked areas on a page, what paragraphs people select while … Read more

Legacy Cost Hero

Become Your Organization’s Legacy Cost Hero

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to control costs and stretch budgets, but it never ceases to amaze at how many groups overlook some of the juiciest low hanging fruit: Total Cost of Ownership for web-based platforms. Specifically, actual out of pocket costs across multiple years to properly maintain your website, CRM, Ticketing service, email marketing account, e-commerce platform, etc. is something most groups don’t know, but would be shocked if they did. I find the term Total Cost of Ownership tends to fall short for most clients and instead, have found … Read more

An Arts Managers Checklist For Dealing With The Loss Of Net Neutrality After April 23rd

An Arts Manager’s Checklist For Dealing With The Loss Of Net Neutrality After April 23rd

Recent last-ditch efforts to block the repeal of net neutrality in the Senate have failed (be sure to hold your senators responsible if they voted against protecting net neutrality) so barring any unexpected developments, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered net neutrality to end on April 23, 2018. Here’s what you should do to prepare. 1) Don’t Panic Odds are, things won’t go kaboom on April 24. Most tech insiders expect Internet Service Providers (ISP) to target the major streaming providers (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.) social media platforms, and Google with pay-to-play … Read more