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Just In Time For The Holidays: An Update To The Interactive CTA Generator For Arts Marketers

30shares 2Share on Facebook 21Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 4 2Back in March, fellow ArtsHacker Ceci Dadisman pointed out Capacity Interactive’s CTA Generator and they recently came back with an add-on by Krisi Packer for four new calls-to-action buttons: email subscriptions, view calendar, membership join, and registration. You can go through each variation using the super fun slot machine function they’ve baked into the equation. But if you’re the impatient type, you can leverage the Google Chrome Inspect Element skills you’ve developed here to see everything that’s available per CTA:  

Database Optimization

ArtsHacker’s Guide To Combating Post Net Neutrality Slowdowns: Database Optimization

25shares 1Share on Facebook 21Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 1 1At the heart of a website is its database. Different publishing platforms will opt for one database format over another but this installment will focus on the MySQL database management system as used inside a WordPress environment. Although most of the optimization tasks we’ll be reviewing rely on running SQL queries, we’re also include a list of WordPress plugin resources you can use for implementing some of these tasks. The good news there is none of them require you accessing the … Read more

(Re-Examining) Co-Leadership As An Organizational Model

(Re-Examining) Co-Leadership As An Organizational Model

43shares 6Share on Facebook 16Share on Twitter 8Share on LinkedIn 8 5Given the concerning lack of transition planning for leadership, there is increasing discussion about how general non-profits should adopt a shared leadership model, in some cases citing the example of the performing arts. In the meantime, many performing arts organizations have been moving in the opposite direction consolidating artistic and business management roles into a single person in order to save money. The performing arts model, as well as some of those suggested in the other articles I have linked to, … Read more

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