Does This JPG Make Me Look Fat An Arts Managers Shortcut To Image Optimization

Does This JPG Make Me Look Fat? The Thinking Manager’s Shortcut To Image Optimization

Page load speeds make the difference between making or losing online ticket sales. They also impact overall user experience to the point where an otherwise good looking website seems old and outdated. Simply put, long page load speeds are what you want to avoid at all costs and one of the biggest culprits for producing extended load times are images that are not properly optimized. So if you optimize your images, you’ll avoid that bear trap. Sounds simple, right? Think again. Even Google…Google…defines image optimization as an art and science in their … Read more

Ask Your Doctor If This Non-Profit Funding Model Is Right For You

We frequently read discussions about the need to communicate the differences between the business models of for-profit and non-profits. What there is less conversation about is the differences in business models among non-profits. If you are looking at another non-profit organization and trying to replicate what they do in terms of fundraisers and earned revenue sources without success, it could be because you don’t understand what the best funding model may be for your type of organization. A piece in the Stanford Social Innovation Review identifies 10 general funding models for non-profits … Read more

Five Ways to Get Into Millennials Wallets

Five Ways to Get Into Millennials’ Wallets

It’s the question being asked at strategic planning sessions, conferences, and board retreats around the country: “How do we get millennials into our organization?”  We’re talking about how to get them to walk into the concert hall so that they become accustomed to going to a symphony concert and then in a few years, when they have money, we can ask them for it. It may surprise some out there that the generation that entered college and the workforce during and post-economic recession and has huge amounts of student loans and other … Read more

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