Why the World Hates Millennials

Haters Gonna Hate: Why the World Hates Millennials

One of my college professors told my class that he started each morning by watching one Ted talk.  Since here in Chattanooga, our summer is a little more relaxed then during the season, I’m taking up his advice and starting each day with a TED talk*. One of the first I watched, mainly because I was drawn to the name, was Scott Hess’s presentation at the 2011 TEDxSF called “Millennials: Who They Are and Why We Hate Them.”  As a millennial, I’m particularly drawn to presentations and lectures about me, which I’ve discovered … Read more

Your Images May Not Be Yours To Use

There is so much discussion about intellectual property rights, it can make you nervous about using other people’s images.  Stock photos can either be unsuitable to your needs, or expensive to license. But at least as an arts organization, you have a staff of skilled and creative people who can take excellent pictures for you and you never have to worry about usage rights, because they are your images, right? Well, not exactly. Just because they are yours doesn’t mean you can automatically use them. Why Can’t I Use My Own Images? … Read more

Bio-Writing 101

Bio-Writing 101

As an arts marketer, I have seen a huge variety of artist biographies. I love the ones that need no editing from me and can go straight to the printer for our programs. I cringe when I see bios that are full of spelling and grammar mistakes, missing italics or appropriate quote marks, too many words, etc. Whether you’re an artist or a professional, we all need a bio at some time in our career. Earlier this year I taught a Bio-Writing 101 class for a group of local artists and performers. … Read more

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