How To Find Your Personal Brand Archetype

Archetypes are the foundational piece to communication—how you position yourself in the public’s eye. However, many do not know why they are so important, how to utilize them, or even what they really are.

In this video, I give a brief overview of archetypes and how you can best use yours to grow your presence and business.

What is an archetype?

It is very simple: an archetype is a universal symbol depicting characteristics in someone. Every person identifies with a certain archetype or two, including: the Boss, the Enigma, the Best Friend, the Charmer, the Nurturer/Caregiver, the Philosopher/Sage, the Adventurer/Explorer, the Warrior, the Free Spirit, the Change Master, the Purist, the Rebel/Outlaw, the Creator, and the Ordinary Guy.

Why is a brand archetype so important?

Brand archetypes are used in marketing to distinguish you. This sets you apart from your competitors and simply helps you become recognizable in your field.

It is important for you to push your archetype consistently in all areas of your public life. This includes all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), other digital platforms such as a website, and even out in the world. When at meetings or at the office, you want your image and actions to reflect your archetype.

How do I find my personal archetype?

Let’s do a project to find your personal brand archetype. I want you to create an Instagram collection. It is a fun way to put a visual identity with your personal archetype. After you gather images, we will settle on some key words that describe these images, and then go back to the main list of archetypes to see which one connects with the images and key words you chose.

At the end of this, you will have identified your personal brand archetype that you can use across all platforms and public-facing communications.

Find Your Personal Brand Archetype

Watch the video above to see the steps I suggest in order to find your archetype.

  • Step 1: Create Instagram Collection
  • Step 2: Write Key Words
  • Step 3: Write Your Personal Values
  • Step 4: Pick Your Archetype

Personal Brand Archetype Examples

  • The Boss – Steve Jobs
  • The Enigma – Lady Gaga
  • The Best Friend – Gale King
  • The Charmer – George Clooney
  • The Nurturer/Caregiver – Dr. Mike Varshavski
  • The Philosopher/Sage – Oprah Winfrey
  • The Adventurer/Explorer – Steve Irwin
  • The Warrior – Beyoncé
  • The Free Spirit – Chelsea Handler
  • The Change Master – Elizabeth Warren
  • The Purist – Cate Blanchett
  • The Rebel/Outlaw – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • The Creator – Karl Lagerfeld
  • The Ordinary Guy – Rebel Wilson

My Personal Brand

I wanted to take this time to share with you my personal brand archetype, in order to give you an example of the steps I took to arrive at my archetype and help you pick yours.

I selected the Boss archetype, based on how I want others to see me, my values, and my personal brand.

It’s important to note that someone might not execute their brand archetype in the same way as others who use the same archetype. For example, some might be the Boss archetype and display it in a very demeaning manner. But that’s not what I am trying to do at all. I have taken the Boss archetype and channeled it into a successful man, running a business, living on the coast, and doing it with style.

Through the images and captions, I believe I accurately depict my life, but I filter what is being presented. The Boss archetype is underlying everything, but it is executed in a manner that is casual opulence. Remember to watch the full video above to hear my explanation.

Claim Your Brand

At the end of this exercise, it is time to choose who you really are based on the list of personal brand archetypes given. Think about who you are as a person, but also how you want others to perceive you. In today’s world and in doing business, it is a two-way street.

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