Clean Up Your Email Lists

Ever wonder if you’re open rate is low partially because some of the emails on your list are no longer valid?  Or, have you inherited an email list that may have addresses on it that are of undetermined age?  Me too. Recently, I undertook the task of finding a service that would be able to clean my email list so that I know that each address is valid and able to receive my emails.  My favorite one which I’d like to share is BriteVerify. BriteVerify is a super simple (and affordable) service … Read more

50 awesome resources

50 Awesome Resources To Help You Be A Better Writer (And Content Marketer)

You guys, this link appeared on my Facebook feed this morning and it is PHENOMENAL! With so many of us wearing multiple hats in arts admin, we’re writers, designers, salespeople, IT, and more. This link offers a multitude of helpful hints on writing content for blogs, social media, email marketing, ad and website copy, SEO, and more. There are also tips on being more productive and using your valuable work time wisely. So much good stuff in one place! It’s Professional Development without paying money for webinars and conferences. Jeff Haden posted this … Read more