App Skills Every New Manager Should Have In Their Toolbox

App Skills Every New Manager Should Have In Their Toolbox

Since August of 2016, I have had the fantastic opportunity to be an American Council on Education Fellow, which has let me take a year off of teaching music composition at the State University of New York at Fredonia and learn as much as I can about leadership in higher education through a year-long residency at Baldwin Wallace University Much of my time this year has been spent working on projects at both my host and home institutions as well as with my 28 fellow Fellows who are based across the country. … Read more

micro manage

Managing Micro-Management

Many people have horror stories about working for a supervisor that micro-manages their work. While that may be a hellish experience, it is even worse if you are the executive officer of an organization that has multiple board members attempting to micro-manage you. Even if everyone on the board isn’t interfering, others may be providing tacit support or reluctant to oppose what they see as the majority will. A few months back Ellis Carter provided some good advice about how to deal with a micro-managing board. In her view: Sometimes, micro managing … Read more


So You Attended a Conference. Now What?

One of the great things about ArtsHacker is that when contributors present at conferences (like Drew McManus and Ceci Dadisman recently did about Google Analytics), they can easily point attendees back to our website full of practical tips and tricks to help them put knowledge into practice. But it’s not always so easy to adopt a new concept once the conference high wears off and the the daily grind kicks in. Fortunately, Hélio Vogas at Smashing Magazine published “How To Transform Your Next Conference Takeaways Into Real-Life Results” on October 22nd, outlining … Read more