Give Your Consent To Shorter Board Meetings

If there is one thing people hate, it is long, protracted board meetings. It may well be one of the factors keeping you from establishing a quorum at meetings. One of the easiest solutions is to implement a consent agenda. What that does is package routine items like committee reports; financial reports; staff hires requiring approval; items needing no discussion, but requiring board approval, into one agenda item. With a single vote, the board disposes of business that may have taken up over a half hour of a meeting. Dr. Les Wallace … Read more

Out, Damned Bylaw!

A few years back Ellis Carter made two helpful posts on her Charity Lawyer Blog about what to Include and Exclude from Non-Profit organization bylaws. The exclude list may be the more valuable of the two lists because it is applicable to groups who are just starting out as well as existing organizations who could use a revamp of their bylaws. Having participated in rewriting bylaws for two organizations in the last five years or so I have a few practical suggestions to append to Ellis’ list of things to exclude: Information … Read more

Can An Ex Officio Member Vote? Aye.

A potentially problematic assumption many people make is that the status of being an ex officio member of a group limits that person’s voting rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ex officio only refers to the manner in which a person gains the position, generally by virtue of a position or office they hold. It is the the bylaws which dictate whether that person has any voting rights or not. In the absence of anything in the bylaws to the contrary, they have the same voting rights as any regular … Read more