Board Service, Within Limits

Term limits for board members are a tricky subject. When you are first starting a non-profit organization, the board is often the sole source of labor until the organization gathers enough resources to hire staff. At that point, you may not even want to consider creating any rules that might force the departure of any of the dedicated people who share in your vision. Why Term Limits? In the long term though, it is going to be important to replenish the energy and ideas that the board brings to the organization. Members … Read more

Board Service. All About the Gs.

The Old Gs I was recently very encouraged to read the idea “that [non-profit] boards must be packed with influential connectors” is becoming increasingly obsolete. Learning this was a relief to me, and probably a lot of people, who have worked in arts organizations where board membership was often defined by the narrow philosophy of “get, give or get off” – essentially, solicit donations, make a donation or get off the board. It might be forgiven then if you viewed the purpose of a board of directors to be fund raising. The … Read more

Five Fabuluxe Business Meeting Spots In New York City

I absolutely love New York. Every time I have the chance to go, I do! While I’m based in Philadelphia, New York is just a day trip away and due to my management roles, I’m often doing business in the city. I primarily conduct meetings in the Meatpacking District because it is one of the trendiest spots at the moment. Even though I’m in the classical music industry that’s not known for staying abreast of trending hotspots, I personally prefer to host meetings here! And by meeting in such hotspots, you indirectly … Read more