How Ready Is Your Long And Short Term Crisis Planning?

In a crisis, arts organizations face challenges that other business entities don’t. After Hurricane Katrina, SouthArts created a program called ArtsReady that serves as a resource for arts organizations providing information on common concerns as well as those specific to arts organizations. The ArtsReady site provides links to a number of good planning resources. Not long ago, someone posted on a LinkedIn forum asking if any arts organization had created an active shooter policy. At the time I hadn’t thought of ArtsReady, but when I recently visited the website, one of the … Read more

Board Service. All About the Gs.

The Old Gs I was recently very encouraged to read the idea “that [non-profit] boards must be packed with influential connectors” is becoming increasingly obsolete. Learning this was a relief to me, and probably a lot of people, who have worked in arts organizations where board membership was often defined by the narrow philosophy of “get, give or get off” – essentially, solicit donations, make a donation or get off the board. It might be forgiven then if you viewed the purpose of a board of directors to be fund raising. The … Read more

What Department Gets Assigned Community Engagement?

Who Is In Charge of Engagement? Someone comes up to you and says they really enjoyed the program they attended and want to spread the word to their friends and get them involved, to whom do you refer them? Is there someone who will offer to collect the contact info of the person and their friends and perhaps follow up with them later to see if they need more information? In short, who is your community engagement person? If you are at a loss to answer that, it may be because for … Read more

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