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ArtsHacker’s Guide To Podcasting: Software

68shares 11Share on Facebook 30Share on Twitter 8Share on LinkedIn 7 12Last time we tackled the topic of hardware needed to produce a podcast.  Today we cover the various programs that podcasters use to create, edit, and produce their episodes. Three different types of programs are typically used to put together a podcast: recording software editing software digital audio workstation (DAW) software Recording Software Most podcasters record at least the occasional interview, and Skype is the most common tool for this.  Audio quality can be quite good over Skype, often rivaling person-to-person … Read more

ArtsHacker’s Guide To Podcasting: Hardware

40shares 16Share on Facebook 22Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 0 0Starting a podcast can open a lot of doors for your arts organization.  Over 46 million Americans are now listening to podcasts on a monthly basis.  The rise of smartphones has enabled people to easily consume podcasts while driving, working out, or cleaning the kitchen; moments for which audio is perfect. The best time to start a podcast was five years ago.  The second best time is right now.  The format is exploding in popularity.  Obama appeared as a podcast guest recently, … Read more

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