2019 #NAMPC Slide Deck: A Content Manager’s Guide To Website Accessibility

As always, #NAMPC was a great time and the Content Manager’s Guide To Website Accessibility workshop was a real hit. Before I forget, I wanted to take a moment to make the slide deck available. The slide deck is available at Google Slides and open to all: I’ve always felt speaker notes are an integral component to a good presentation. My ArtsHacker colleague, Joe Patti, summed it up nicely when he wrote “one of the most frustrating parts of viewing a slide deck outside the context of the presentation is trying to figure … Read more

How To Temporarily Block A Page From Google Search Results

There are all sorts of reasons why you may need to block a page from appearing in Google search results and fortunately, Google provides a tool you can use to make this happen. Having said that, there is one important prerequisite you’ll need to take advantage of the tool in the form of a Google Search Console (GSC) account connected to the website where the page lives. If you don’t have a GSC account connected to your site, start with that process then circle back to this article. Step 1: Select The … Read more

You Can Now Pick Up Your Very Own Arts Admin Merit Badges

In response to the enormously positive feedback and requests asking where you can pick up actual Arts Admin Merit Badges, we decided to make them available for order. Expected shipping for Round 1 is Monday, Nov 11 and if they sell out of most by the end of November, rest assured Round 2 will be a much larger order to accommodate holiday gift giving (because who wouldn’t love to get a set!?!). Round 1 includes 17 different badges that you can mix and match at any quantity. Each badge is a 3″ diameter made from a … Read more

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