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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over the past several months, we’ve received requests from readers about expanding our tutorial style content. It’s a terrific idea that several of our contributors are interested in developing along the lines of formal online courses. To that end, we want to solicit your feedback to help us decide a course of action that best accommodates your needs and interests.

What we’re imagining is something more detailed than our existing tutorial style posts and after exploring options, we started to gravitate toward something video based with one or multiple lessons, think of it like an online ArtsHacker Academy. Given the amount of added detail and preparation, these courses would charge modest fees and what we’re looking for today is a bit of your time to help gauge potential interest.

Don’t worry, none of this potential content would supplant the existing tutorial articles we make available free of charge.; instead, these courses would go into far greater detail. They would also provide opportunities for us to invite specialists to cover very targeted topics and skills.

Granted, there are no shortages of online learning outlets but our goal would be to create content from the perspective of, and geared explicitly toward, the challenges faced by arts organizations, individual practitioners and artists.

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