Quite Possibly The Best Oops Email I’ve seen In A Long Time

23shares 3Share on Facebook 19Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 0 0First of all, if you do email marketing, you should be aware of Really Good Emails. It is a great resource and source of inspiration and their email newsletter is one of the few I subscribe to AND actually open. Recently they did what happens to everyone occasionally — they sent out an email with an error in it. Upon realizing their mistake, it was time for a mea culpa. This was the rather fabulous oops email that followed: Here’s why I love … Read more

Activate Google Signals And Slurp Up Even More Of That Sweet Google Juice

32shares 2Share on Facebook 22Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 2 4Google Signals provides the framework for tracking signed in users across devices, such as multiple browsers, mobile apps, mobile devices, and more. In short, the new reporting features in Signals will let you take advantage of enhanced advertising and reporting features. While all the cross-device capabilities are still in Beta mode, they’ve been up and running for several months. Consequently, if you were waiting to see how these new features would shake out, you should be fine to jump in and … Read more

Valuing and Acknowledging Donations

28shares 6Share on Facebook 18Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 2 1I recently attended a webinar conducted by John Taylor of John H. Taylor Consulting providing updates on IRS rules on acknowledging charitable giving. Neither Taylor nor I are lawyers and there are a lot of subtleties and exceptions when it comes to tax law. There were a number of interesting things Taylor mentioned that are worth being aware of, if only to serve as a conversation starter with your accountants and attorneys. Perhaps the thing to which to most pay attention … Read more

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