2019 Reader Survey


By: ArtsHacker

In: Catch All

Now that ArtsHacker has five years under its belt, we’re keen to get your feedback on how we can refine our content and how it’s presented.

Your insights will be instrumental in enhancing what we currently learn from Google Analytics by providing more information about who you are and what you find most useful.

All of this is to say this survey is your big chance to help influence ArtsHacker’s content and overall direction.

And we’re not just about take-take-take, no siree bub. We’ve got a pretty sweet giveaway for one reader submission chosen at random: a complete set of all 17 Arts Admin Merit Badges. Sure, that’s $131.25 value but it pales in comparison to the overarching coolness they will bring the winner.

The winner will be announced Monday, January 6 2020.

You will be asked about:

  1. Demographic info.
  2. The value you place on existing content and how its organized.
  3. How you engage with colleagues and peers about ArtsHacker’s content and your current user experience.
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