16 Is The Font Size Of Wisdom (For Web Design At Least)

23shares 2Share on Facebook 19Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 1 0The assertion that arts and cultural audiences are getting older and dying out probably reached trope status decades before the word trope entered popular usage. While this may be true and require programming and market positioning that will appeal to younger audiences, there are some very practical experiential considerations for serving older audiences to keep in mind.  One of them is web design. Entrepreneur magazine had a guest post by Brian Greenberg discussing some small design changes that make websites more … Read more

Persuasion (Conversion) Made Easy

16shares 1Share on Facebook 13Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 1 0There’s a terrific article from Lyndon Cerejo in the 7/17/2018 edition of Smashing Magazine that examines a very keep it simple approach to persuading website visitors to conversion. Cerejo reviews what he calls the stages of a persuasion funnel: attention, interest, desire, and action …along with how each stage is influenced by: cognitive (thinking), and affective (feeling). All those combinations of elements influence what he calls persuasive design and the related sages site visitors experience (emphasis added): Awareness Relevant Credible Usable … Read more

Your Contract May Not Provide Cover From Music Covers

27shares 1Share on Facebook 25Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 0 0Copyright and intellectual properties rights are important considerations in the arts and culture industry. The industry strives to expand the awareness and exposure of creatives, but often either intentionally or inadvertently fall short when it comes to properly compensating creators. Admittedly, knowing your responsibilities when it comes to intellectual property/copyright and contracts in general can be confusing which is why they are subject of a fair number of posts on ArtsHacker. One of those tricky areas is payment of musical performance … Read more

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