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Tomorrow, Friday 8/30/2019, is the deadline for your chance to have a quantifiable impact on which sessions make it into the 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#20NTC). 60 percent of decision-making juice comes from individual user votes so don’t think this is some sort of “we value your opinion until it comes time to make the decision” sort of thing.

On the contrary, one of #20NTC’s most unique qualities is facilitating registered user favoriting for sessions they want (and need) to see at the conference. We’re not talking suggested topics, rather, the full list of submitted proposals.

If you’re a NTC regular, you probably notice the change from “voting” to “favoring” and by and large, that’s most a nomenclature level adjustment. They published this terrific overview of those changes if you’re curious to learn more.

There are five sessions from two ArtsHackers among the proposals for consideration and we need your support in the form of marking them as your favorites. You will need a registered user account to vote but the good news is registration is free and very fast.

Just select the “Login/Signup” button in the right sidebar, fill out a few form fields, and you’re all set. And if you aren’t a full member, we strongly recommend joining.

Click. Click. Done. Must-Have Google Analytics Settings

Submitted by Drew McManus

Without a doubt, Google Analytics does all sorts of great things, but that doesn’t mean you are getting a complete picture. To get every benefit of the data, you’ll need to activate and/or setup several key features.

Attendees will get step by step instructions on how to implement the following must-have GA settings in real-time:

  • Set Your Primary URL
  • Activate Demographics
  • Activate Google Signals
  • Bot Filtering
  • Filter Your Visits
  • Referral Exclusions
  • Activate Search Tracking
  • Adjust Session Settings & Campaign Lengths

All material updated for 2020.

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Facebook Advertising Bootcamp

Submitted by: Ceci Dadisman

In this session, we will start from the very beginning and examine exactly how to create and manage a paid Facebook advertising campaign. Attendees will walk through Facebook best practices for posts, targeting, and frequency. We’ll also set up a fully functional campaign in real time, discussing each of the options and implications along the way. This session is a true how-to guide and should also function as a major resource when participants receive a video of the webinar after.

If you think you could be getting more out of your Facebook marketing, if creating ads on Facebook is confusing or overwhelming, or if you think you could be making your digital dollars go further, then this session is for you!

Target Audience
Anyone who runs or would like to run paid Facebook campaigns.

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Web Accessibility Through Content Management

Submitted by Drew McManus

If web accessibility isn’t already on your radar, it should be. While many of the accessibility standards will include items you’ll never see, such as modifications and updates to the code your websites run on, there are several items that must be addressed on the content management level. This session will focus on the items content managers are responsible for maintaining:

  • Color Contrast
  • Using Headers The Right Way
  • Image tagging
  • Aria labels: what they are and where to use them.

Target Audience
Content Managers, Web Managers, and Staff members responsible or creating or editing online content

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Website Design Tweaks Can Make A Big Difference

Submitted by: Ceci Dadisman

Optimizing your website doesn’t always mean a complete redesign. This session will equip you with strategies and methodology on how you can make small changes to your website that deliver big results. You’ll learn how to achieve the highest return on your efforts and how to track the results.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • how users interact with websites
  • design best practices
  • landing page optimization

You’ll leave this session with concrete and achievable takeaways that you can implement right away on your website.

Target Audience
Anyone who manages their organization’s website.

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Kiosks and Touchscreens and Chatbots, Oh My!

Submitted by: Ceci Dadisman

Data shows that when patrons are more engaged, they are more likely to have a positive experience. In this session, we will explore ways that digital technology can be used to engage, educate, or enrich the patron experience before, during, and after an event as well as remove barriers to participation.

We’ll take a look at how organizations large and small are meaningfully integrating technology into events through apps, social media, interactive kiosks, and even chatbots.

Target Audience
marketing, communications, education, community engagement, fundraising

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Both Drew and Ceci extend a big heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who can take a moment to influence the outcome and mark these as favorites.

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