Use 22 Colors in Organization And Design

Use 22 Colors in Organization And Design

It was only a matter of time until I shared a great idea from the site that may have served as inspiration for ArtsHacker, and that day has arrived. Do you organize by color coding? In this post on Lifehacker from December 3rd, Whitson Gordon found a chart of 22 colors by Kenneth Kelly that are easy to tell apart. Besides being a possible productivity hack, I’m thinking this is handy tool for a task like choosing colors for venue seating charts. Bonus: look at this comment on the Lifehacker post for RGB values!

Five Fabuluxe Business Meeting Spots In New York City

I absolutely love New York. Every time I have the chance to go, I do! While I’m based in Philadelphia, New York is just a day trip away and due to my management roles, I’m often doing business in the city. I primarily conduct meetings in the Meatpacking District because it is one of the trendiest spots at the moment. Even though I’m in the classical music industry that’s not known for staying abreast of trending hotspots, I personally prefer to host meetings here! And by meeting in such hotspots, you indirectly … Read more

Tracking To-Do’s With Trello

Looking for a free and versatile way to prioritize and track administrative tasks? Trello is a terrific tool for both shared and individual task lists. It’s web-based and has strong IOS and Android apps for accessing and editing on the go. You can use it for your own to-do list or expand to include your team. The Trello architecture includes Boards, Lists and Tasks. Before you take the Trello Tour, here’s your quick ArtsHacker intro. Boards In our office, each of us has a Board that contains all of the items on our individual … Read more

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