Reaching Millennial Donors

Are you tired of hearing about millenials yet? Since we’re the next generation of donors, audience members, volunteers you might just get used to us. If my Facebook feed says anything, we are single handedly responsible for bringing pumpkin spice lattes back in September. We’re not all that bad. In fact, we’re actually learning to be pretty good and generous.  According to the Millennial Impact Report, nearly 40% of us gave amounts between $1-50, and another 23% gave at $51-100 levels to a nonprofit in 2012. Sure we don’t fit the current … Read more

2015 resolutions

5 Resolutions for ’15

By now you’re fully back in the post-holiday work groove, but it’s never too late to make (or follow through) on some 2015 resolutions to make sure that groove doesn’t become a rut. With the sense that there’s probably always room for improvement in these areas, here are 5 resolutions we can all get behind in 2015: 1. Adopt the Email Charter Yeah, I know – I mentioned this in my Christmas Wish List too. But these 10 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral go a long way to making each day … Read more

Building Subscription Renewal Forms Using Adobe InDesign

It’s about that time of year for many arts organizations – season subscription renewal time! I always find this a hectic but exciting time of the year – finalizing programming and guest artists, locking in pricing and scale-of-hall changes, firming up packaging, and so forth. What’s not to love?! I know that many ticket systems offer a template invoice for subscription renewal. But I’ve never used one for the three ticket systems I’ve worked with. For the past nine years while working in the orchestra business, I have been using this hack … Read more