Punctuation Guide

Learn To Communicate Clearly With These Punctuation & Grammar Guides

In an age of twitter lingo, texting, and autospell it can become all too easy to let your grammar and punctuation chops get rusty; fortunately, we have a few guides you can keep handy that will help you stay sharp. The Punctuation Guide This enormously useful guide (h/t LifeHacker.com) is stupid simple to use, all you need to do is click on a punctuation mark and learn all about it alongside a quick list of example uses. Bonus content includes a list of Top 10 Punctuation Tips and resources for heavy-duty style … Read more

Manage Virtual Teams Remotely

If you are a freelancer and/or part of a virtual team, Producteev.com may be helpful for you and your team to stay on track! I was introduced to Producteev, a free online project management platform, when I commissioned a major website and rebrand for the Golandsky Institute. We had hired a web developer in Tennessee, but we are based in New York/Philadelphia. Instead of countless emails getting opened/misplaced/lost, Producteev allows all team members to input info, attach documents and photos, assign tasks to specific people, and check items off the list. A very … Read more

I Dont Always Volunteer

The Value of A Volunteer

It can be quite difficult to determine what sort of value you should place on a volunteer’s time. Yet, it can be very important because grantors often look for in-kind community support of arts organizations. The Independent Sector has calculated this number to be a national average of $22.55 and breakdown the value specifically state by state. Washington D.C. took top prize in 2013 with $38.69. Calculating this number is not only important for grants and other financial reports, but also helping your organization recognize the full value of a volunteer’s assistance. … Read more

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