ArtsHacker's Guide To Setting Up A Google Search Console Account Getting Started

Master Your Domain With Google Search Console: Getting Started

Earlier in the month, I posted an article about how you can use Google Search Console (GSC) to temporarily hide a page from Google Search Results. Several readers wrote in to say that although they could really use that tool, they didn’t have a GSC account set up and when they tried, they gave up after reaching a few frustrating parts of the process. As such, we wanted to create a new series that walks you through the process of setting up a brand new GSC account. Step 1: Create A GSC … Read more

Evaluation Of The Arts By The Arts

Evaluation Of The Arts By The Arts

Arts organizations are asked to create dozens of reports every year evaluating their programs to justify the funding they receive so you probably aren’t inclined to embark on an additional self-evaluation of their own. However, the group, IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts, recently issued a self-evaluation tool kit specifically designed for arts organizations with the goal of empowering groups to take control of the evaluation narrative. IETM say that many funders employ criteria that suits their own agenda, or perhaps to justify their existence, and may either misrepresent or … Read more


Click. Click. Done. @OhioArtsCouncil Was A Huge Hit

Last week’s Click. Click. Done: Developing Your Google Analytics Skills webinar was a real hit. Thanks to the generosity of the Ohio Arts Council (OAC), it was free to all participants, moreover, they also made the entire session available on their YouTube channel. 94 percent of attendees remained for the entire one hour session and based on their feedback, it was very well received. Overall Value of the WebinarContent and Resources...Quality of the Speaker(s) Among the key items participants identified as being the most useful was learning how to filter out office/staff visits. ... Read more

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