Protecting Yourself Against Embezzling Grannies

Protecting Yourself Against Embezzling Grannies

Every couple months the treasurer tells our board of directors how easy it would be to embezzle funds due to the lack of sufficient checks and balances. She is especially wary of the fact that current technology allows her to have the bank generate checks at her request rather than having to issue a physical check. The organization is lucky because she has taken the lead on creating better processes and policies, including moving the bulk of the money to an account that is more difficult to access and takes longer to … Read more

micro manage

Managing Micro-Management

Many people have horror stories about working for a supervisor that micro-manages their work. While that may be a hellish experience, it is even worse if you are the executive officer of an organization that has multiple board members attempting to micro-manage you. Even if everyone on the board isn’t interfering, others may be providing tacit support or reluctant to oppose what they see as the majority will. A few months back Ellis Carter provided some good advice about how to deal with a micro-managing board. In her view: Sometimes, micro managing … Read more

Ranked Choice Voting

Get Your Vote On…The Ranked Choice Way

In light of an Electoral College with an unusually high degree of scrutiny, it seems fitting to point out a voting system that could be better options for your needs than the traditional simple majority plurality ballot: Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Also known as instant-runoff voting or preferential voting, allows voters to rank candidates/options by order of choice. It’s flexible enough to work for both single winner and multiple seat style elections and helps marginalize hard feelings when the results are close. provides some wonderfully useful resources that explain the benefits … Read more

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