Orchestra & Opera Workplace Satisfaction: Winter 2019

The latest installment in the bi-annual series at my orchestra business blog that measures workplace satisfaction ratings of arts managers at orchestra and opera organizations by way of glassdoor.com reviews is now available. The Latest Update In Orchestra Workplace Satisfaction: Winter 2019 The Latest Update In Opera Workplace Satisfaction: Winter 2019 Expanding The Pie It would be wonderful to expand this effort into other performing arts sectors such as theatres, dance, performing arts centers, etc.  To that end, there are two primary areas where we could use help: Compiling a list of organizations. … Read more

Understanding The Difference Between Cloud Based and Hosted Software And Apps

An increasing amount of the time spent working with clients via my web development firm is understanding the differences between cloud based and hosted software and apps. There are no shortage of terminology bear traps and even the fundamental pricing structures can vary wildly. Recently, SmashingMagaine.com published an article by Zack Grossbart and Eduardo Abe that provides one of the most comprehensive written overviews I’ve come across. There are no prerequisite knowledge levels to walk away with a much better understanding plus they do an excellent job at explaining how to leverage … Read more

Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. Here’s One from @FiveThirtyEight That Isn’t. Let’s See How Arts Admins Stack Up.

If you’re a data nerd then you almost certainly know about FiveThirtyEight.com, statistician Nate Silver’s number-crunching hub of data goodness. Recently, they posted a personality quiz that purports to deliver results that produce quantifiably meaningful results. In addition to taking the quiz as an individual, it’s designed to allow users to add their score to a predefined peer group. To that end, I am all kinds of curious to see how Arts Administors stack up so take a moment to complete the quiz via this link and your results will be automatically … Read more