Arts Admin State Of Employment Poll, Update 2

It’s been one month since we started asking readers to complete a short, two question survey designed to measure how the employment status of arts administrators and independent contractors is being impacted by coronavirus related shutdowns. As of today, just over half of respondents indicate they are still working and being paid at my regular full time or part time status, and that’s great news. A quarter of respondents indicated they are still working but at reduced hours/pay while 12 percent have been furloughed or laid off. Six percent indicated their position … Read more

Guidance On Covid-19 Re-Openings, Even If Only Virtually

If you are looking for advice on best practices for arts and cultural entities once they are allowed to re-open, Downtown Professionals Network (DPN) has created a website specifically focused on this topic called Reopen Main Street.  The advice is broken down by types of business so arts and culture has its own devoted section. Since restrictions on public interactions vary across the country, there is guidance for both live and virtual events. The very first piece of advice is to create an environment that makes audiences feel secure. Enhance your patron’s … Read more

Arts Admin State Of Employment Poll April 13 – 19

Last week, I launched a poll at my orchestra management blog asking readers share their employment status in the wake of coronavirus related shutdowns. The responses were so strong, I decided to turn it into a weekly poll to track changes throughout the shutdown. That poll only focuses on the orchestra sector and I am curious to see how shutdowns are impacting broader nonprofit arts and culture workers. To that end, I created a version of the poll for ArtsHacker in order to help provide a snapshot of employment status. You will … Read more

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