Three Things Arts Managers Should Know About Programmers To Save Money And Add Value

Three Things Arts Managers Should Know About Programmers To Save Money And Add Value

Many of my clients have wasted money they spent on programming. I try to tell them how not to, even as the beneficiary of some of this waste. If they insist, though, at some point there’s nothing left to do but shrug and accept a bit more cash in my pocket. The thing is, like most creative professionals, I like to do new and exciting work that efficiently solves problems way more than coding up the first iteration of some idea that is going to require many revisions before any of value … Read more

Podcasting Distribution

ArtsHacker’s Guide to Podcasting: Distribution

We covered hardware and software in the previous two installments of this podcasting series. Today we dive into distribution for your podcast, which is perhaps the most complicated of the three topics. This is an in-depth post with a lot of technical terminology.  I have hyperlinked many terms for further reading, but feel free to email me at if you’d like any further clarification about any of the steps described here. Part I: Publishing Podcast Episodes It’s critical for podcasters to find a good podcasting web host for your episodes.  The vast majority … Read more

Podcasting Software

ArtsHacker’s Guide To Podcasting: Software

Last time we tackled the topic of hardware needed to produce a podcast.  Today we cover the various programs that podcasters use to create, edit, and produce their episodes. Three different types of programs are typically used to put together a podcast: recording software editing software digital audio workstation (DAW) software Recording Software Most podcasters record at least the occasional interview, and Skype is the most common tool for this.  Audio quality can be quite good over Skype, often rivaling person-to-person recordings.  It’s also possible to call landlines and cell phones using … Read more

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