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By: Drew McManus

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Any arts administrator worth their salt should be able to sell a ticket, plan an invasion, make brunch, conn a ship, design a brochure, write a sonnet, balance the books, build a wall, carry a tune, comfort the board, take orders, give orders, ignore orders, implement orders, act alone, be a team player, solve equations, analyze data, give an elevator pitch, program a computer, herd cats, and look fabulous doing it.*

Specialization is for suckers.

So why not show off all those skills with arts admin merit badges?

Update: thanks to the fantastic reader response, the decision was made to make these a very real thing (think laptop stickers). They are now available for purchase at the ArtsHacker store.

Successfully merged mailing lists without accidentally resubscribing unsubscribes

Submitted a grant early

Successfully changed the organization’s Twitter handle

Successfully implemented the FB conversion tracking pixel

Comprehended someone else’s rehearsal overtime spreadsheet formula

Attended a meeting where a decision was actually made

The box office had tickets already printed for everyone in the will call line

No typos in the season brochure

Maintained Zero Inbox for more than one day

Woken up before 7am by an artist manager

Successfully replaced a guest artist who bailed with less than 48 hours’ notice to take a better paying gig

Found an answer to a problem at ArtsHacker

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What other arts admin merit badges would you like to see?*
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Thanks to fellow ArtsHacker Ceci Dadisman for her contributions.

*Based on the fabulous quote from Robert Heinlein.

Drew McManus
Drew McManus
In addition to my consulting business, I'm also the Principal of Venture Industries Online but don’t let that title fool you into thinking I'm just a tech geek. I bring 20+ years of global broad-based arts consulting experience to the table to help clients break the cycle of choosing one-size-fits-none solutions and instead, deliver options allowing them to get ahead of the tech curve instead of trying to catch up by going slower. With the vision of legacy support strategy and the delights of creative insights, my mission is to deliver a sophisticated next generation technology designed especially for the field of performing arts. The first step in that journey began in 2010 when The Venture Platform was released, a purpose-designed managed website development solution designed especially for arts organizations and artists. For fun, I write a daily blog about the orchestra business, provide a platform for arts insiders to speak their mind, lead a team of intrepid arts pros to hack the arts, lead an arts business incubator, and love a good coffee drink.
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