The ArtsHacker Podcast is marketed as and in fact is “the hosts’ opinion.” While the show’s hosts and guests are experts in their respective fields, this show is not nor should it or anything said on it or printed on its’ website be construed as formal “legal, professional, or other similar advice.”

Every attempt is made to be accurate as to presenting “factual information.” That being said, the number of fact checkers includes the hosts and there’s only so much vetting two people can do for an arts admin podcast. At the same time, we promise to go out of our way to source our content and provide those resources in each podcast’s respective online post. If you catch any glaring errors, tell us about it. If you’re accurate, we’ll certainly correct any mistakes, issue the appropriate retractions, and perhaps offer up some form of ancient attrition.

If you choose to cite the show, as you should, you do so with the knowledge of the items expressed on this page. The show, while informative and accurate, is not rigorously fact checked by a team of Ivy League pedigree independent third parties. We assume no responsibility for anyone who uses the information from this show to influence the opinions of others.

Linking to us, commentary, references, short reprints of text with links back to the full text etc. is absolutely 100 percent not only okay but encouraged. The reality is so long as you aren’t being a jerk and provide loads of attribution to the original source, don’t edit the material, or use to enrich your bad self, we’re good.

The ArtsHacker Podcast is freely distributed to all audiences who choose to listen to it and may be downloaded or replicated as desired for personal use.

Any commercial use is strictly verboten, unless you would like to properly compensate us, in which case, we would love to be your new best friends.

Non-commercial distribution of this show from short segments to entire episodes or even many episodes is not only acceptable, it is encouraged. If you want to create CDs or MP3s and hand them out for non-commercial use, knock yourself out. If you’re feeling really crazy, you can convert it to audio cassette or vinyl. This permission is given with the understanding that you advise recipients to read this blog, listen to other episodes, generally promote us in a wildly positive light, and ensure they are aware of the disclaimer.

The ArtsHacker Podcast is not intentionally designed to be SFW. This show is marketed to professional arts managers and we’re going to go ahead and assume you’re adult enough to be okay with a few colorful metaphors from time to time.

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