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Any arts administrator worth their salt should be able to sell a ticket, plan an invasion, make brunch, conn a ship, design a brochure, write a sonnet, balance the books, build a wall, carry a tune, comfort the board, take orders, give orders, ignore orders, implement orders, act alone, be a team player, solve equations, analyze data, give an elevator pitch, program a computer, herd cats, and look fabulous doing it.*

Specialization is for suckers.

So why not show off all those skills with arts admin merit badges?


  • Generous 3″ diameter.
  • Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water and sunlight.
  • As of now, shipping is limited to US addresses only.

Want To Get A Free Arts Admin Merit Badge?

You can get a free merit badge by crossing paths with ArtsHacker’s Editor-In-Chief, Drew McManus, at any of his conference and convention appearances. Find his next appearance.

*Based on the fabulous quote from Robert Heinlein.

Box Office Had Tickets Printed For 100% Of Will Call