Emerging Arts Leaders 10 Years Later…Now What?

I’ve been in arts marketing for 14 years now. I started my arts marketing career at age 28 at a 2000-seat auditorium that mostly acted as a rental house, but also presented some music and theatre acts. I spent four years there learning the ins and outs of the entertainment and arts fields. Soon after, I joined the orchestra field and am now working for my third orchestra. I know I am no longer that ‘emerging’ arts leader that I was 10 years ago. Most organizations define an emerging arts leader as … Read more

50 awesome resources

50 Awesome Resources To Help You Be A Better Writer (And Content Marketer)

You guys, this link appeared on my Facebook feed this morning and it is PHENOMENAL! With so many of us wearing multiple hats in arts admin, we’re writers, designers, salespeople, IT, and more. This link offers a multitude of helpful hints on writing content for blogs, social media, email marketing, ad and website copy, SEO, and more. There are also tips on being more productive and using your valuable work time wisely. So much good stuff in one place! It’s Professional Development without paying money for webinars and conferences. [button link=”https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/50-awesome-resources-to-help-you-be-a-better-writer-and-content-marketer.html?cid=sf01002″ window=”yes”]50 … Read more