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Jonathan Eifert represents arts organizations and classical musicians seeking to build their social equity through the fusion of traditional and new media. He specializes in concert promotion, social media management, organizational communications, press relations, and brand partnerships. Project highlights have included bolstering the social media platforms of star tenor Michael Fabiano through strategic content, generating key press placement for the Cleveland International Piano Competition, managing the Golandsky Institute’s Summer Symposium at Princeton University, and rebranding the film series Living the Classical Life.

Jonathan previously worked at IMG Artists (London) and Astral (Philadelphia) before founding Jonathan Eifert Public Relations that serves clients throughout the U.S.

While living in London, Jonathan completed his Master of Arts degree in cultural policy and management (arts administration) from City, University of London—specializing in classical artists’ brands and their development. He holds his Bachelor of Music degree in piano from Cairn University and is an associate member of the Grammy Recording Academy.

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How To Find Your Personal Brand Archetype

Archetypes are the foundational piece to communication—how you position yourself in the public’s eye. However, many do not know why they are so important, how to utilize them, or even what they really are. In this video, I give a brief overview of archetypes and how you can best use yours to grow your presence and business. ContentsWhat is an archetype?Why is a brand archetype so important?How do I find my personal…

How to “Deep Work”

While many of us know what we want to achieve, it’s often derailed because of numerous factors. Some might be external (caused by others), but I’ve found many are internal (caused by myself). It’s one thing to “get things done” that satisfies whoever you report to, but it’s a completely different thing to accomplish tasks AND have the time to build a better, stronger version of your organization or project. In other words,…

How Orchestras Can Use Influencer Marketing

I recently had a discussion with a large group of artist managers at a top New York management firm about influencer marketing. I posed the question: Have you seen classical presenters using influencer marketing? Most of these managers were aged between late-millennial to Gen-X. None of them had seen this type of thing being done—not even at top presenters such as the major orchestras and opera houses. The age-range of these managers is important…

Try This Tip - Expand Your Audience

Try This Tip – Expand Your Audience

If you work for a small organization, here is an easy method to build up your website traffic. Using my preferred term, it’s an opportunity for you to build brand dimension—easily creating compelling content and getting eyeballs on your activity. (Preface: As most of you know, the more people you have coming to your website, the greater the opportunity to showcase your brand in an immersive experience. It allows you to sell…

How To Find Your Brand Archetype

How To Find Your Brand Archetype

To enlarge a fan base and keep them interested, the artist needs to regularly pump out content that aligns with their branded archetype—providing additional facets to who they are. After all, the core of branding is distinguishing one from the masses—creating visual, aural, and emotional identity. ContentsAsk QuestionsSelect One ArchetypeBe Authentic Ask Questions Before content generation though, the archetype needs to be selected and be front and center in the artist’s mind…

getting noticed checklist

Checklist For Getting Noticed

If you are an artist and want to get noticed, follow these steps. In today’s cluttered digital space, it’s imperative for an artist to pump images, videos, and text out in a kaleidoscope of ways that tap into the zeitgeist of their target market. When you develop content that aligns with your personal brand, your fan base will grow. The more fans you have, the more social clout you have when presenters…

Build Your Brand

How to Make More Money by Building Brand Dimension

DISCLOSURE: This piece is tailored for breakout classical musicians earning over $100,000/year through their art, but the principles can be applied to most artists at different career levels. Traditional press coverage has become rare, highly prized, and very expensive. To cut through the extraneous information sent to journalists, artists need to hire PR experts to land them coverage. However, even then, it doesn’t guarantee press placement.

Promoting From Nothing

Promoting From Nothing

As most arts people know, promoting a new event or program can be very difficult when you don’t have any existing photos, video footage, or even past text on which to rely. All of this must be generated from scratch to launch an effective marketing campaign. You can’t recycle anything from the past because it’s a first-time, brand new event. How do you create something from nothing on a very limited budget?…

Photographer Recommendations in NYC and London

Photographer Recommendations in NYC and London

Finding the right photographer can be tricky for different reasons—budget concerns, indoor/outdoor locations, and certainly the art direction. In satisfying clients’ needs, I’ve had to search high and low to secure good photographers. Here are my top picks for photographers based in New York City or London that won’t break the bank. 1. Dario Acosta – NYC based, excels in portraiture for opera singers particularly and classical musicians at-large. Dario’s work is excellent as…

How To Create A Promo Video For An Orchestra With A Union Media Agreement

Creating A Promo Video For An Orchestra With A Union Media Agreement

Video content is a superb way to garner engagement on Facebook. Clearly, you can use videos to promote across social media, but it works particularly well on Facebook. Recently, I was tasked by the Allentown Symphony Orchestra to promote their concerts. One concert featured the three-time Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis playing with the ASO. Perhaps other marketing people can empathize when I say it’s hard to create from nothing. In other…

How to Increase Page Likes from 2,000 to 32,000

How To Increase Page Likes From 2,000 To 32,000

There is one metric you can “throw down” that is often impressive to listening ears. No matter what level in the arts hierarchy you may be placed, having a large number of Facebook page likes overall is essential. It pleases board members, donors, presenters (if you are an artist), and the general public. This is possible through Facebook page promotion. Over the past year I had been tasked to improve the social…

How to Promote Your Facebook Posts

How to Promote Your Facebook Posts

There is a cheap, but effective trick with Facebook advertising: a little money goes a long way. Boosting individual posts can make the difference between content seen by few to seen by many. Here is a quick guide to promoting individual Facebook posts. Below is an example of what $30 bought with Facebook advertising. You will note that it reached over 8,000 people and garnered 126 likes and 38 shares. Below is…

How to Promote Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget

How To Promote Your Brand On A Shoestring Budget

Since millennials are quite skilled at self-promoting, it might be helpful to provide non-millennial readers with shoestring-budget-marketing-tips for extra small nonprofits and emerging artists. ContentsUse Squarespace for website design.Use MailChimp for email marketing.Use sponsored posts on Facebook. Use Squarespace for website design. Squarespace is an affordable way to launch a website. Of course it is nice to have a custom designed site with slick interface and functionality, however it gets quite expensive…

An Arts Managers Guide To Instagram

Instagram For Arts Orgs: What It Is And What You Need To Know About Setting Up An Account 

Instagram is certainly one of the more popular social media platforms to-date. At 400 million users, this is probably not going to disappear anytime soon. The key component to understanding Instagram, and any social platform, is what demographic does it tap? Ninety percent of Instagram users are under the age of 35. Clearly, the majority of the 400 million users are “young users.” With that said, arts organizations should be interested in…


Hootsuite: Scheduling Stress Free Social Media

Following up on my recent piece on building social media editorial calendars, it is wise to schedule all of your content using Hootsuite. While other platforms exist, I have found this useful for my purposes in managing clients’ social media. Creating content is time consuming, but the “annoying” aspect of social media is regularly posting. If you post at the wrong time or forget to post at all, it probably will not…

How To Build Social Media Editorial Calendars

Planning content for social media should be a priority, but it is often left at the bottom of a to-do list. I think many arts managers would agree that having a focused plan unveiling their organization or artist’s content is the preferred method, but with the many pressures of office work it does not get done. One remedy that I have found helpful is a seasonal and weekly editorial calendar. The seasonal…

Don’t Talk About Your Concerts Tell Us Something Else (Content Marketing, Part 3)

Cultivating brand dimension is essential to stand out as a classical musician today. If an artist cannot be distinguished from other colleagues of the same pedigree, how will they make it in the business of performing? Assuming an artist has already developed a solid brand that covers the basics (website, social channels, recordings, and a strong performance track record), how do they perpetuate their brand and significantly elevate it? As marketing guru…

Soft Sell Your Concert Tour with Brand Partnerships (Content Marketing, Part 2)

Any classical musician trying to gain more notoriety often employs this simple tactic: Send emails to contacts with dates/times of upcoming concerts. Shortly thereafter, social media posts announce the engagements. Indeed, relevant information is disbursed, but is it effective? For example, to what degree do fans take note that an artist is performing in London when they have no intent of attending that concert since they live in New York? This past…

Shape Perception on Instagram Like a Stylist (Content Marketing, Part 1)

Classical music is not known for being visually driven for obvious reasons. What if that notion changed amongst artists associated with the classical industry? What if they began thinking like a fashion stylist or a visual merchandiser? How would it change the perception of their public brand on platforms such as Instagram? Below I briefly explore the idea of using select fashion industry Instagram accounts as inspiration for what is possible with…


VLOGGING: Why Video Blogging Is important

Directly communicating with an audience through the medium of video is very effective and I’ve found that as long as you give artists a nudge, they are willing to experiment. I like to encourage vlogs (video blogs) uploaded directly to Facebook and YouTube. This will add extra dimension to the artist’s brand—connecting to fans on a personal level. I’ve found many artists shy away from video cameras. It’s not that they are…