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Ceci is a multi-faceted marketing professional with over 10 years of experience successfully marketing the arts and nonprofits utilizing innovative and cutting-edge initiatives. Currently the Digital Marketing Manager at FORM, she is nationally recognized as a leader in digital and social media marketing and specializes in the integration of digital marketing and technology into traditional marketing methods.

She is on the National Arts Marketing Project Advisory Committee, the Arts Midwest Conference Professional Development Committee, is the Immediate Past President of Femfessionals West Palm Beach, the Immediate Past President of the South Florida Chapter of the American Marketing Association, and served for many years as the OPERA America Marketing Network Chair. She was recently appointed to the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts Visiting Committee.

Ceci was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from West Virginia University with a music degree in vocal performance.

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Ceci Dadisman

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How I Got 20 People To Sign Up For Our Email List In Less Than 48 hours

It has always been a bit of a struggle for me to get large numbers of sign-ups for our email list through our website.  I never took it personally because I understand that people’s inboxes are full already before they get my engaging and super interesting emails about Palm Beach Opera. However, we’ve moved to a new email marketing system (dotmailer which I LOVE) which has really powerful automation features and we…

Yes, Print Does Still Matter

Just today, new findings from a Temple University study have been released showing that paper still has power.  More specifically, that our brains react to and retain content that we have consumed on paper differently than digital. Roger Dooley has published a great summary article on 7/8/2015 about the findings on his always interesting Neuromarketing Blog. A couple of the key takeaways are below but I highly recommend that you take a few…

Need Videos Created On A Budget?

We all need to have video spots created at one point or another; whether it is for TV ads, social media, or just for our website.  However, creating video spots when you have very little (or even no) video footage can be tricky and it quite quickly can turn into an expensive project. Last year, here at Palm Beach Opera, we had our video spots created by an AMAZING company that did…

Why White Space Is Crucial To UX Design

Just the other day I came across this great article written by Jerry Cao and Kamil Zieba and Matt Ellis on Fast Company about website design. As arts organizations, we sometimes feel that we need to put a lot of information on every page of our website so that people can see everything we offer. However, we must resist that temptation and learn to love white space in order for our websites to…

The Facebook Trick You’re Probably Not Doing

It is clear that Facebook wants you to pay to have lots of people see your content.  Full disclosure: I myself am a big proponent of running organized, targeted Facebook campaigns because they really do work.  However, we can’t afford to pay for every post that we put on Facebook and here is where this little trick comes in. When you’re creating a post, have you ever noticed this little icon? If…

Its Like Google Alerts…On Steroids

With the current media landscape including so much more than just newspapers and magazines, I often find it difficult to keep up with who is talking about my organization and where.  We all use Google Alerts but they don’t catch everything.  Most of us use some sort of social media program that can show when people mention us but these are rarely comprehensive (think Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc.). Enter Mention.com.  I recently found…


An Easy Way To Maintain Your Brand Assets

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked to send someone our logo… If you’re in arts marketing, you know what I mean.  We all deal with partner organizations, vendors, and designers who need our logo and brand assets and sometimes this can be time consuming to gather everything for them each time. I recently found out about Brandfolder.com which is a place where you can store all of your…

Create Easy Mockups

I just happened upon the slickest site for creating phone, tablet, and laptop mockups: Magic Mockups.  Those of you who have ever needed to put a mockup of an app or website into a mobile device image know that it usually takes Photoshop or a professional design job if you don’t have Photoshop.  Well, this cool little website makes it super easy to create them yourself right in your web browser. All…

How To Transform Ticket Buyer Data Into Useful Insights

With any ticketing system, we have access to a lot of data.  Unfortunately, not all ticketing systems can spit that data back out in useful ways.  Most reports are rather standard and can be exported to Excel but not everyone is an Excel guru that can turn all of that data in to useful insights about ticket buyer behavior. Last season, when faced with a ton of raw data in the form of…

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